The whole world is stinking. How can anything be worse than this?


some generally adorable myka moments


autumn reflections by david clapp in england’s lake district national park; maurizio biancarelli of proscansko lake in croatia’s plitvice national park; and agustin rafael reyes of onuma pond in japan’s towada hachimantai national park


do you find it a pleasant prospect, will henry? shit raining down upon you for all eternity?


the real reason Pellinore Warthrop doesn’t drink


The Monstrumologist - The Early Years

I love this. From xXTaiYoungXx on Deviantart, whose gallery is full of awesome Monstrumologist art! 


“The One Thing That Keeps Me Human”~Rick Yancey’s The Isle of Blood

Last book of the series thus far; the agony is making me relive the days of waiting for the next Harry Potter…so to keep me from voraciously devouring this novel, I will require myself to draw every scene that snatches my attention…therefore stopping my reading.


((not an ask but a comic i drew while listening to the first book at work.))


endless list of favourite books

↳ The Monstrumologist by Rick Yancey

“Perhaps that is our doom, our human curse, to never really know one another. We erect edifices in our minds about the flimsy framework of word and deed, mere totems of the true person, who, like the gods to whom the temples were built, remains hidden. We understand our own construct; we know our own theory; we love our own fabrication. Still… does the artifice of our affection make our love any less real?” 


You can’t see me can you? You look at me and you can’t see me..

Amy Pond Appreciation WeekDay 3 →  Favorite Relationship

"Sam and I are brothers and we’re looking for our father. He might be here, we don’t know. I just figured that you and me, we’re in the same boat."

On a Friday afternoon, after rejecting Firefly's original pilot “Serenity”, Fox executives instructed series creator Joss Whedon to submit a new pilot script on Monday morning or the show would not be picked up. Whedon and his co-executive producer Tim Minear locked themselves away for the weekend to write this script, adding “larger than life” supporting characters and making the episode more action-centric to please the network. This new pilot, directed by Whedon, later became the series' second episode. Firefly premiered with “The Train Job” on Fox on September 20, 2002, twelve years ago today.